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  Offshore Ship Handling (Refresher)
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This course is a full-mission bridge simulator based course offered at Lerus Training Centre. It covers basic maneuvering and ship handling theories with berthing and un-berthing in port applications; and close proximity interaction maneuvers at offshore installation. The course is conducted by a senior anchor handler.

Target Audience

  • Licensed Junior and Senior Deck officers.
  • Deck cadet in final academic year or having received CoC, awaiting ship assignment
  • Deck officers returning to offshore after an extended absence
  • Deck officers coming from non-offshore background

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites for this training course


  • Refresh of the basic maneuvering theory with focus on Offshore Support Vessels and their special working conditions
  • Basic bridge team management skills
  • Case studies and accident analysis
  • Basic knowledge about offshore installation terminology
  • Safety of personnel, vessels, offshore installations and the environment
  • Planning an operation
  • Risk assessment
  • Management of changes
  • Contingency planning of thruster, rudder and propeller failure
  • Contingency operation during thruster, rudder, propeller failure
  • Contingency operation in the event of a semi-blackout
  • Execute operation connected to a rig during rapid changes in wind/current direction and speed
  • Training safe and correct changeover between forward and aft bridge
  • Training safe and correct changeover between manual, joystick and dynamic positioning maneuvering mode


The participants should, upon completion of the course, demonstrate conning ability of the vessel in different operational situations.

Admission Requirements

Participants must have a COC (STCW 2010, Sections A-II/1 & A-II/2), seaman’s book, valid photo ID


Theoretical and practical assessment


2 days


Max 6


This course will be conducted in English

The Nautical Institute approved Dynamic Positioning training provider (DP Basic / Advanced / Maintenance Courses)        

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