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  Anchor Handling Operations Stage 1 – Shallow Water
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The Stage 1 full mission simulator based course covers preparations for entry level anchor handling operations, procedures, deployment and recovery of anchors. Particular attention is given to risk-assessment, safety, teamwork and communications. This course is designed to provide training for prospective and existing masters, deck and engineer officers responsible for watch keeping during anchor handling operations. This course complies with the GOMO Guidelines for the Safe Management of Offshore Supply and Rig Move Operations and OLF-NSA 061A Guidelines for Safe Anchor Handling and Towing.


Target Audience

Deck/Engine Officers

Course Prerequisites

Participants must have competence in watch-keeping as a deck or engine officer.


Theoretical lessons and practical exercises in the full mission anchor handling simulator:

  • Planning and risk assessment of anchor handling operations
  • Characteristics and layout of Anchor Handling Vessels
  • Equipment, including wires, shackles, links and tools used in anchor handling.
  • Navigational Equipment for Anchor Handling
  • Anchor handling vessel layouts, winch configurations and deck equipment.
  • Winch calculation and capacity
  • Correct and safe use of Shark jaws (Triplex and Karm Fork)
  • Anchor types and various mooring systems
  • Overview of anchor handling operations, from shallow water to deep water, pre-laid and suitcase buoy systems.
  • Running and retrieving anchors
  • Vessel capabilities, position keeping and stability requirements
  • Installation of Subsea / Spring / Mid-line support buoys
  • Training communication and teamwork between:
    • Commanding officer and winch operator
    • Bridge and rig
    • Bridge and deck
  • Ship handling, problem solving and decision making
  • Perform anchor handling duties in the simulator


By planning and carrying out anchor handling operations in the simulator, the participants should, upon completion of the course, ideally demonstrate a thorough knowledge of basic skills in:

  • Planning and risk assessment of anchor handling operations according to procedures and safety
  • Team work and communication
  • Contingency planning
  • As a conning officer, carry out exercises in anchor handling operations
  • As a winch operator, carry out exercises in anchor handling operations
  • Knowledge of and ability to describe anchor system calculations
  • Knowledge of and ability to explain safe use of Triplex shark jaws and Karm forks
  • Knowledge of and ability to give examples of proper and safe ship handling and decision making
  • Upon completion of the course, the successful students will be able to perform entry level operations in Anchor Handling (AH) vessels in a safe manner.

Admission Requirements

Participants must have a COC (STCW 2010, Sections A-II/1 & A-II/2), seaman’s book and valid photo ID


Theoretical and practical assessment


5 days


Maximum 5


This course will be conducted in English

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